Monday, August 14, 2006

marijuana (Weed) Kills


Of all the things that prevent black youth from succeeding, nothing does so more than
marijuana. Yet thanks to so-called prophets like Bob Marley and virtually everyone involved in hip hop, weed has become a sacrament of black youth.

But "weed" is just that -- a killer of life. This is fact. No more guessing. The harmful effects of marijuana are thoroughly documented and readily available to anyone wanting to know the truth. Hop heads don't want to know the truth. Hop heads ignore the science and in its place adopt the same suicidal creed Bob Marley promoted all of his life.
But what we now know is that the cancer that ravaged and killed Marley at age 36 was caused by his insane, unrelenting marijuana smoking. His body was rife with tumors. His doctors had never seen anything like it before. The man actually had cancer in his toes. Nobody gets cancer in their toes. Simply put, Marley killed himself. He was a degenerate marijuana addict. He smoked non-stop-- from the moment he woke till the moment he went to bed. The man could not function without a headful of ganja.
He couldn't sleep without a headful of ganja. In fact, it is doubtful that during the last 10 years of his life there was period lasting more than an hour when he wasn't high -- awake or asleep! I remember seeing one of his rare taped interviews. The disastrous effect of decades of ganja smoking was horrifying to behold. His confusion was grotesque. No matter what question the reporter asked his answers were incoherent. the reporter asked him to explain his music and he couldn't. the reporter asked him to explain the rasta way of life, and he couldn't. Then he began getting angry with himself for his grotesque performance.
That's when he began attacking the reporter for being a "tool of the oppressor" only interested in spreading lies.
This was the first time I had ever seen a Marley interview. I could not believe what a pathetic human being he was. Never had I seen such vivid evidence of how weed rots the brain and soul.

And this is precisely what the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) says smoking marijuana will do to YOU! No guessing here, people. Smoke marijuana and the THC will rot your brain. Look forward to it.

Also, the fact that alcohol causes liver disease in no way lessens what THC does to the body, so please, Negro, don't even bring that dumb shit up.

Also, according to NIDA smoking the shit doubles or triples the likelihood of developing cancer of the head or neck. Marley died of a cancer tumor in his head. So why do you idiots contiueconsume this poison? Why?

Rastas will tell you that ganja is a "gift from God" that it was placed on the earth to "give humankind enlightenment and love." But Rastas will also tell you that Haile Selassie was a prophet and blacks are descended of the five tribes of Israel. Do you believe that idiocy too or is it you just believe them when they say weed is good for you?

Brothers and sisters, if you don't know about the science or reject the science you are a ignorant fool. Smoke weed and in a little time you will end up a confused, incoherent, cancer-riddled basket-case just like Marley.

Weed kills. And Bob Marley was no hero.

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